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Social Rights vis-à-vis Right to Food | Khushal Gurjar & Kanishka Mishra

In Social Rights vis-à-vis Right to Food: A Comparative Study of Laws in India and South Africa, Khushal Gurjar & Kanishka Mishra discuss the issues that may be present with respect to food security by providing for a comparative analysis of the right to food in India and South Africa. The authors state that the right to food, while enshrined in many international treaties and agreements, is not a justiciable, substantive right in many nations. The authors also provide guidelines they believe will improve the state of food security and its many aspects in these two nations in question. The authors further state that South Africa, even after having a clear constitutional mandate, made little effort to legislate upon the right and India, even after having a judicial recognition of the right to food as a fundamental right and having a separate law for that, fails to mention it in the Constitution explicitly. Thus, the authors conclude that both countries may learn from their mistakes while continuing to make progress.

To access the article, click the link below.

CALQ Vol. 5
.2 | Social Rights vis-à-vis
Download 2 | SOCIAL RIGHTS VIS-À-VIS • 218KB


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