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Guest Lecture: Prof. (Dr.) Neera Chandhoke on "Why Secularism?"

The Centre for Comparative Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, National Law University Jodhpur (CCAL), hosted Prof. (Dr.) Neera Chandhoke for a guest lecture on the theme "Why Secularism?” at 4:00 PM on February 16, 2022 (Wednesday) on Cisco Webex.

Prof. (Dr.) Neera Chandhoke has formerly served as a professor of political science at Delhi University. While being one of the foremost scholars on a variety of subjects including political theory, comparative politics and politics of developing societies with a special focus on India, she has also collaborated with the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development for the project "Social Policy and Democratization" from 2002 to 2005. The books authored by Professor Chandhoke, latest of which are "Violence in our Bones", "Rethinking Pluralism, Secularism and Tolerance" and "Nelson Mandela: Peace through Reconciliation", have been a guiding factor to academicians and intellectuals in the exploration of respective subjects. The regular columns authored by Prof. Chandhoke for the Indian Express and The Wire have made the discourse accessible to the masses.

The event saw a participation of over 50 attendees, ranging from law students from various law schools to legal professionals from different institutions. Over the course of the lecture, Prof. Chandhoke discussed the various differences in the concept of secularism as practised in Europe & in India. She also elaborated upon the various challenges to secularism due to the contemporary political climate

We extend our wholehearted gratitude to Prof. Chandhoke for accepting our invitation and thank all the attendees for their enthusiastic participation throughout the lecture.


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