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Guest Lecture: Prof. (Dr.) Shubhankar Dam on Politics of India’s Ad-Hoc Judicial Inquiries

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our guest lecture event with Prof. (Dr.) Shubhankar Dam on the topic "Commissions of Untruth: The Politics of India’s Ad- Hoc Judicial Inquiries” at 4:30 PM on October 13, 2021. This event was hosted by the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, NLU Jodhpur (“CCAL”).

Dr. Shubhankar Dam is the distinguished Professor of Public Law and Governance at the University of Portsmouth School of Law, United Kingdom and is one of the pre-eminent authorities of the same. His notable accolades include previous academic positions at the Singapore Management University School of Law, City University of Hong Kong School of Law and the B.R. Ambedkar Chair at Columbia University. He possesses a praiseworthy dedication to research on comparative public law and separation of powers, including the internal accountability of the branches of a government, which his academic literature amounting to over 40 publications makes thoroughly evident.

During the lecture, Dr. Dam discussed in detail the various commissions of enquiry set up under different retired High Court & Supreme Court judges. He talked about the need for objectivity and reform in the area of commissions of enquiry as they have been riddled with partisanship.

CCAL extends its heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Dam for taking time out to deliver this lecture and for having made this discussion extremely enriching and thought provoking. CCAL also thanks the IT Department of NLU, Jodhpur, for their aid and IT support that ensured the smooth hosting of this event. Lastly, CCAL thanks all the participants, for this event would not have been possible without their time, cooperation and support.


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