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Scope of ‘Minority’ Under Articles 29 & 30 of the Constitution of India with reference to the Sikh, & Jain Minority Case by Shubham S. Dayma

Shubham S. Dayma delves into the contentious issue of granting minority status to Sikhs in Punjab by the state government, a matter present before the Five-Judge Bench of the Supreme Court of India. The Hon’ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana, in the case of Sahil Mittal, struck down the state notification allowing Sikh minority status, leading to the present challenge. The dispute hinges on the reconsideration of the Bal Patil case, exploring the definition of 'minority' under Articles 29 & 30 of the Constitution. The author aims to illuminate the challenges in determining minority status, emphasising the crucial factors relevant to the pending questions before the Supreme Court.

CALJ Vol 8 Issue I_Shubham Dayma
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