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Law Clerks and Access to Judges | Anurag Bhaskar

In the article titled "Law Clerks and Access to Judges: A Comparative Reflection on the Recruitment Process of Law Clerks in India", published in Volume VI Issue I of the Comparative Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Journal, Anurag Bhaskar, highlights the need for a transparent, accessible and inclusive recruitment process in the institution of clerkship. The author undertakes a study of the law clerk recruitment processes prevalent across various jurisdictions—Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States, to critically analyse the current recruitment process of law clerks in India. Taking lessons from the best practices across the globe, the author proposes a new recruitment policy for law clerks in India.

To access this article, click the link below:

CALJ Volume VI Issue | Anurag Bhaskar
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