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National Virtual Seminar on ‘Constitutionalism in Contemporary Times' | 23–24th September, 2023

About the Event and the Organisers

The Centre for Comparative Constitutional Law & Administrative Law and the Constitutional Law Society at National Law University Jodhpur are delighted to announce a joint initiative – a National Seminar titled ‘Constitutionalism in Contemporary Times’ to be held virtually (CISCO WEBEX) on 23–24th September, 2023. The deadline for the abstract submission is 14th August 2023. This seminar aims to provide a platform for legal scholars, practitioners, academicians and students to engage in thoughtful discussions and deliberations on pressing contemporary issues within the realm of constitutional law. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, the seminar seeks to foster an enriching exchange of ideas, critical analysis and novel insights into the evolving landscape of constitutional jurisprudence.

We look forward to your participation and valuable contributions to make this seminar a resounding success.

Objectives of the Seminar

The objectives of the seminar are as follows:·

  • To promote an enriching discussion and discourse on the contemporary issues in the field of constitutional law.

  • To encourage comprehensive research and understanding of the evolution of Constitutional issues over time.

  • To impart and expand the knowledge of students and scholars on various issues and a critical understanding of the same.

  • Encourage students to develop independent thought, depth of knowledge, clear reasoning, critical analysis and persuasive styles.

  • Facilitate academic exposure to participants by organising discussions and facilitating interactions between participants and experts.

Structure and Stages of the Event

Day One:

  • Inaugural Session: The seminar will commence with an inaugural session where dignitaries will address the participants, setting the tone for the discussions ahead.

  • Paper Presentations: Parallel sessions will feature paper presentations by participants on the various themes. Eminent panellists will chair each session.

  • Panel Discussions: After the paper presentations, there will be engaging panel discussions on selected contemporary areas of constitutional law to facilitate interaction between participants and experts.

Day Two:

  • Continuation of Paper Presentations: The second day will continue with paper presentations on the remaining themes.

  • Panel Discussion on Constitutional Concerns: Eminent speakers will engage in a panel discussion, providing insights into important constitutional concerns and contemporary issues.

  • Valedictory address.

Abstract Submission Guidelines


Papers are invited on the following themes:

  • Gender Equality and Constitutional Reforms

  • Democratic Governance and Political Justice

  • Socio-economic Rights as pathways to inclusivity

  • Boundaries and Changing Perspectives on Judicial Activism

  • Transformative Constitutionalism ·

Submission Guidelines

  • Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts that reflect the core argument of the paper in clear terms with a maximum of two authors per submission.

  • The abstract shall be within 300 words. At least five keywords must be highlighted.

  • The abstract shall contain the names, email addresses and designations of the authors.

  • Formatting guidelines: font: Times new Roman; font size: 12; justified; line space: 1.5.

  • Click on the link to upload abstract:


  • Call for submissions - 25th July 2023

  • Deadline for abstract submissions - 14th August 2023

  • Announcement of accepted abstracts - 16th August 2023

  • Deadline for manuscript submission - 15th September 2023

  • Communication of acceptance of manuscripts - 18th September 2023

  • Seminar and Paper Presentation - 23rd and 24th September 2023

Eligibility Criteria and Fee Structure

We solicit participation from academicians, advocates, researchers, and PhD scholars in the field of law. The seminar is not open to undergraduate law students or LL.M. students. The registration fees for the seminar shall be Rs. 1,000 payable on the acceptance of abstracts.


For queries or clarifications with respect to the Seminar, feel free to reach out to us at

For additional support, reach out to our organising team –

Student Co-ordinators -

Himanshi Yadav: +91 88249-58039,

Jayam Jha - + 91-89697-30696


Sayantani Bagchi

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law

Faculty Advisor,

Centre for Comparative Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

Constitutional Law Society

National Law University Jodhpur

Contact- +91-8902297150


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