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Prior Restraint vis-à-vis Freedom of Press in India | Agneya Gopinath & Vikrant Dere

In Prior Restraint vis-à-vis Freedom of Press in India, Agneya Gopinath & Vikrant Dere discuss the balance that has to be maintained between the right to freedom of press and reasonable restrictions on this right so that it is not misused. The authors argue that such restrictions, also known as prior restraints, impair not only the credibility of the information being disseminated but also have a chilling effect on others who intend to publish information relevant to the public. The authors then discuss this right in the United States, post which parallels are drawn between the situation in the United States and India while contrasting the same as well. The authors conclude that this right ought to be unlimited as it is in the United States, with restraint only being exercised in the most extreme cases.

To access the article, click the link below.

CALQ Vol. 5
.2 | Prior Restraint vis-à-v
Download 2 | PRIOR RESTRAINT VIS-À-V • 197KB


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