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Judicial Review of “Internal Parliamentary Proceedings” | M. Jashim Ali Chowdhury

In Judicial Review of “Internal Parliamentary Proceedings”: The Dialogic and Non-Dialogic Approaches, published in Volume VI Issue I of the Comparative Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Journal, M. Jashim Ali Chowdhury undertakes a comparative study of the internal proceedings jurisprudence of the judiciaries of the United Kingdom, India and Bangladesh. The author analyses the influence of the models of judicial review and parliament-judiciary relations over the internal proceedings jurisprudence of the three jurisdictions. The author argues that the Indian and Bangladeshi judiciaries’ understandings of the internal proceedings doctrine are conditioned by their self-aggrandised posture of guardianship over the constitution—causing them to occasionally be in confrontation with the legislative and political branches. Highlighting the cons of such an approach, the author argues that the United Kingdom’s dialogic model of judicial review provides for a rather congenial basis for principled judicial consideration of the internal proceedings doctrine.

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CALJ Volume VI Issue I | Jashim Chowdhury
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