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The Inextricable Linkage Between Caste and Patriarchy | Srijan Somal & Kratika Indurkhya

In The Inextricable Linkage Between Caste and Patriarchy: Inequality in Granting Caste Certificates to SC/ST Children, published in Volume VI Issue I of the Comparative Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Journal, Srijan Somal and Kratika Indurkhya, examining the influence of patriarchy on policies surrounding the caste system in India, highlight the lack of non-discriminatory policies on inheritance of caste status for children born out of inter-caste marriages in several states. The authors analyse the tests applied by courts for the determination of caste status of such children in light of the right to equality, and argue that such tests have been largely inapt, inconsistent and go against the ethos of the Constitution. The authors recommend changes to the present policies, to make the existing framework inclusive and functional.

To access this article, click the link below:

CALJ Volume VI Issue I | Srijan Somal & Kratika Indurkhya
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